Walkers & Co Is Bringing John Legend And Raja Kumari Together For A Magical And Musical Concert Experience In India!

A two-word phrase: Keep Walking. 

But it stands for so much more. It stands for change, progress, and carving a path that benefits us as a community. 

One of the most potent tools in bringing about this change is music. To create something in line with the ‘Keep Walking’ philosophy, Walkers & Co brought two iconic musicians together for a powerhouse anthem and a first-of-its-kind tour in India!

John Legend and Raja Kumari are all set to light up the stage with their high-energy anthem in Mumbai and Gurugram next month: 

Inspiring change through the magic of music

The duo are coming together for the first time ever at the following locations: 

~ 4th March: Jio World Centre, Mumbai 

~ 5th March: A Dot by GNH, Gurguram 

Leveraging the music and individual style of two award-winning artists, the brand has got everyone looking forward to the live performance of the grooviest anthem of the year! 

To be a part of this empowering and musical experience, get your tickets here.

What ‘Keep Walking’ embodies 

The phrase is a rallying cry for a community of changemakers who work towards a diverse, inclusive and sustainable world. The idea is to inspire the audience and enable them to carve their own niche – irrespective of what the norms in society are. 

And through this collaboration of two global stars, the brand is re-inforcing the cultural relevance of Walkers & Co with a truly bold and memorable build-up. 

The musical tour marks the objective of Walkers & Co as a platform with a bid to spark conversations around communities, collaborations, and co-creation in the most beautiful and moving way!