Vivo’s #HarDilRoshan Campaign Showcases The True Spirit Of Festivities

vivo’s Diwali campaign #HarDilRoshan is a hard hitting message for all of us to let the celebrations and the festivities go beyond class, society, communities and religion. This campaign conceptualised by Autumn Grey introduces us to two young kids, and weaves a story through their friendship. It’s a friendship that is still innocent and away from societal boundaries. #HarDilRoshan reminds us to put behind our perception of class, society and see the world through the eyes of these two young kids.

The video does exactly that, showcasing how Dhruv, a middle-class boy, and Aman, a son of a laundry man, celebrate Diwali. This story shows us how children have an innocent perspective not yet conditioned by society. Their bond faces the mirror of society on Diwali. Their friendship is a representation of relationships beyond societal boundaries.

Check it out!

We loved the video, and it indeed is a much needed reminder to all of us that it is only when inclusion becomes a key part of our celebration, can we ensure #HarDilRoshan on Diwali.