vivo’s #TogetherWithJoy Campaign Embodies The True Spirit Of Diwali

The season of Diwali is as effervescent as ever, and in the spirit of the festivities, families are coming together to celebrate just like they always do. 

However, amidst the celebrations, we often overlook all those families that are not able to come together on the occasion because of work or other priorities. 

vivo’s heart-warming campaign reflects the reality of numerous such households during this time of year. The narrative is profound and touching, highlighting all the reasons to be grateful this season:

Home is not just a place 

It’s the people who make any place a home by coming together, and festivals are best celebrated with your special ones. 

Unfavourable situations may arise that challenge conventional ways of celebrating, but they shouldn’t get in the way of family time. All it takes is some adjusting and maybe a little compromise.

Who knows, maybe some new and more meaningful traditions are formed because of it. 

vivo’s campaign is embodying the true spirit of Diwali: it’s not the decor, the location, or any acts of grandeur that matter, it’s making time for loved ones that really counts.

What makes the campaign memorable 

What makes it truly special is its relatability. You can really tell a lot of thought (and a lot of heart) has gone into executing the campaign to make it so pragmatic and moving. 

Urging the audience to use videos and photographs to further communicate and diminish misunderstandings, vivo has done a tremendous job of positioning technology as the ultimate way of bringing families closer together.

A beautiful storyline that embodies the spirit of celebrations, the #TogetherWithJoy campaign is truly winning hearts this Diwali. And all for good reason!