upGrad’s Latest Brand Campaign Featuring Real Alumni Stories Is As Impactful As It Gets

There is no campaign without a story. 

And when real-life experiences are amplified for the greater good, it makes the campaigns stand out and create a larger impact on the mind of their audience.

Taking a cue from this insight, upGrad got candid and conversational in its latest campaign featuring real success stories of their alumni. Raw and authentic – the on-screen stories landed in a relatable and powerful manner.

Deep rooted in the reality of the alumni, the brand films highlight the impact that the online courses have had in shaping up their lives and careers, at large. 

First up, Ankur Sharma: a story of struggles, setbacks and then bouncing back 

The film beautifully shows Ankur’s journey in his own words – from his hardships, to his perception change towards the online learning format, and how that helped in moulding his eventual career outcome.

His perspective highlights the unpredictability of jobs today and how upGrad did not give up on him, even when he was at his lowest. It’s as real as it gets. Have a look: 

Next up, Tuhin Chakraborthy: a story of an experienced professional seeking a career change

What a relatable context, right? Believing in his true potential, Tuhin did not let jibes from his peers stop him from changing his career trajectory. He is the embodiment of the saying ‘age is just a number’, and chose to upskill despite what societal norms dictated.

His words hold potency, and his message is loud and clear: there is no age limit to pursue upskilling. 

Finally, Anish Sharma: the story of someone seeking upskilling with a clear value upside

Anish was looking for a career jump but was not confident if an online course could actually enhance his hands-on skills. However, he took a leap of faith with upGrad.

For someone like Anish, who was indifferent to the concept of online education, he found it to be useful in carving a growth trajectory for himself. It opened doors to multiple opportunities and helped him transition into the industry he believed he had a strong calling towards.

The full videos of the alumni getting real about their career trajectories are available to watch on upGrad’s YouTube channel.

Why the campaign is both effective and important

Conceptualized by the in-house content team, upGrad’s latest brand campaign is honest and lands their core proposition in a credible and authentic manner.

It makes a strong case for how the global higher edtech company can upskill their learners and support them in fast-forwarding their careers through outcome-focused pedagogy and strong university network. The campaign is an honest narration sans any filters, with folks who’ve literally been there and done that.

By amplifying the stories of the learners, the campaign resonates with all the potential students who seek genuine feedback before starting a course. It addresses going-in concerns as well as preemptively showcases the value upside. Straight from the horse’s mouth!

What better or more credible way to connect meaningfully with the audience?

What makes it different 

Testimonial ads are… everywhere. So how does a brand stand out?

upGrad incorporated an element of spontaneity while also giving alumni the freedom to narrate their journey – however good or bad. These stories have some hard-hitting realities attached to it and it surely takes courage to unveil such conversations on a public forum. 

A brilliant effort with a sincere cause to help students. The campaign is real. And the campaign sure is impactful.