upGrad and MICA’s Latest Campaign Pitches An Edge For Digital Marketing Enthusiasts

upGrad and MICA have launched a digital campaign showcasing a simple and powerful message: Greatness Recognizes Greatness.

The brand films promote their Online Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing with a clear pitch for all marketers – an edge that helps them stand out and helps them progress in their journey as ace marketers.  

upGrad and MICA showcase their brand legacy and the excellence of their digital marketing program as that ‘edge’ which will make your resume stand out and set you apart as a marketer.

The campaign videos highlight how the program and the upGrad and MICA brand value strengthens your career prospects by shooting up your ability to ‘get recognized’.

The ad films pitch how the upGrad and MICA brand instantly builds credibility.

There are 3 things that make the campaign click and work really well: 

  • The #GetRecognized proposition is straightforward and compelling, and it lands well
  • No fluff. No jargon. Just the key message.
  • The films speak volumes and get all the main points across… without a single dialogue! 

Beyond the campaign, the course highlights pack a punch and speaks for itself: 

  • 12,000+ students 
  • 300+ hiring partners 
  • The coveted status of a MICA Executive Alumni 

If you’re exploring ambitious strides in your marketing career, this one is worth a deep dive. Check in out for yourself. You can learn more about the course here