Unacademy Wraps Up IPL 2020 With A Top Class Brand Integrated Highlight Reel

As the curtains on this year’s IPL draw, Unacademy has released a highlight reel which very smartly ties in with the overall brand proposition. It’s a refreshing approach by an IPL sponsor, and we haven’t seen anything like this in the many glorious years IPL has been part of our lives.

The ad film features some of the most iconic moments from this year’s IPL, and has some usual suspects – a Dhoni masterclass behind the stumps and an animated Virat Kohli on the field.

Staying true to the core of the brand, the video is themed on learning. Through a rap-based voiceover, the video talks about everything we have learnt from IPL this year. Inspiring on-the-field moments are used to draw parallels to concepts like Pythagoras theorem and gravitational forces in a very simple and fun way. A marketing masterstroke indeed!

Check it out!

So, what’s that one big takeaway?

You win some, you lose some, but learning is always a constant in life!

IPL is not just a sporting event, it is a billion emotions. Each of these emotions has something to learn from, and the brand has represented that through this light hearted highlight reel.

Unacademy has leveraged the tournament very cleverly, keeping the core of their brand proposition alive in each and every integration (Read more here). This is also the main reason that has allowed Unacademy to stand out as a sponsor this year. While many others have struggled to align their offerings with the IPL, Unacademy has consistently been able to create a high recall for themselves as a brand which represents learning and education.