Uber India Weaves In Auto And Moto Services Into Stories Inspired From Real Life

Uber India’s latest campaign looks at India from a diverse and unique lens, depicting real stories of unstoppable Indians, who have been unafraid to challenge the status quo in the pursuit of their dreams. It captures the dreams that Indians harbour, and positions itself as the medium to reach wherever their dreams may take them.

Through the campaign, Uber highlights their Uber Auto and Uber Moto offerings, integrating these services into their stories seamlessly and creatively.

The one with the runaway bride

The one with the deaf and mute cafe manager

The one with the blood donor

The one where a mother returns to work

The choice of music in the videos is a big plus – not only does it create high recall but also gives the campaign a desi flavour with the integration of Bollywood music. Two additional films were rolled out specifically for the Tamil Nadu audience, which leveraged music from Tollywood. 

Creating Intrigue

Before the campaign videos were released, Uber leveraged the top influencers in the country to create intrigue about the launch of the campaign.

Influencers used the striking image of a bride on a bike and asked their followers what they thought was happening. Was she running away from her wedding, or was she heading to her wedding?

Either way, the image caught everyone’s attention, creating the perfect gateway to the video launch.

Celebrity Partnership

The videos were eventually launched with celebrities like Radhika Apte, Karisma Kapoor and Fatima Sana Shaikh amongst many others sharing the videos and their own take on the campaign.

Influencer Integrations

Leading influencers from a wide variety of domains were roped in to talk about the campaign as well, reaching audiences in every corner of the digital world.

The novelty

Not only did Uber create the right kind of buzz with their celebrity and influencer partnerships, but they genuinely crafted a campaign which the audience could relate to. The world around us is changing, and the campaign is a reflection of this new culture. The one where passion always beats privilege, and the one where there’s always a way if you genuinely want something with all your heart.  The fact that the stories are inspired from real people makes it even more special, and truly reflects the pulse of India.