Throwback To The Mother’s Day Campaigns That Touched Our Hearts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. While building an acceptable campaign around the day is fairly simple – brands have a tough time creating campaigns that stand out of the clutter.

We’re looking back at some of the best campaigns from the years gone by which have managed to make an impact, not just on sales, but our hearts as well. 

Grab a box of tissues – don’t say we didn’t warn you later!


This heartwarming campaign is a shoutout to everyone who’s ‘Just Like Maa’. Nivea celebrates not just mothers, but mother-like figures who care for children just moms do. 

Why it worked: By emphasising a mother’s love doesn’t only come from a biological mom, Nivea’s ad truly stands out.

Procter & Gamble

P&G’s ‘Thank You, Mom’ campaign pays tribute to the mothers of Olympians and Olympians-to-be all around the world. The touching film shows the journey of world class athletes being made, while their moms support them as they grow into champions.

Why it worked: Is there anything more patriotic than mothers and the Olympics? The campaign allowed P&G to make an emotional connection with mothers – without blatantly shoving its products into their faces. 


Whether they’re hungry, in an emergency, or just plain bored – kids call out to their moms for everything. Google’s campaign showcases just how much we depend on our moms who answer all of our ‘Hey Moms’ with a whole lot of love and patience.

Why it worked: While this is an ad for Google Home Hub, it marries the narrative and the promo together seamlessly with the line ‘Get your original helper a little help of her own.’


This hilarious ad is sure to make you laugh. Strangers jump into everyday scenarios and have intensely endearing reactions which only a mom would display towards her children to the people around them. 

Why it worked: The ad is super quirky and definitely not what we expect from a normal Mother’s Day spot. 


Nissan’s ad took an unconventional approach to Mother’s Day to salute the spirit of motherhood that transcends gender and resides within all parents.

Why it worked: The film ends with an unexpected surprise, which is equally heartwarming.