Through An Emotional Reprisal Of Their Iconic Ad Film, Asian Paints Encourages People To Stay Home

We might not realise it right now, but the time we are spending home today will become a nostalgic treasure trove of stories, memories and heartfelt moments tomorrow. Amidst this difficult time, it is our family which keeps us happy and keeps us going. They are the ones who keep our spirits up and our houses – homes.

At such a time, Asian Paints has made an adorable video, showing us moments of love that will be cherished for years to come, inadvertently inspiring us to stay at home by spending quality time with our loved ones during this tough period. Their ‘Har Ghar Chup Chap Se Kehta Hai’ campaign captures how even as our lives are changing, and we’re adapting to this ‘new normal’ our homes continue to remain our safe havens, where families become our rocks to ensure that we stay sane. The reprisal of this popular TVC has stirred many emotions as it takes viewers back to their iconic 2007 film. 



What makes this video really memorable is that all the moments portrayed are taken from real home videos. This reprisal shows people rediscovering tender moments with their families in seemingly mundane relatable home scenes. The film stitches together snippets, stories, and interactions that unfold the relatable things people are experiencing at home with their loved ones. The way the film explores the changing roles of family members who find themselves at home together for an extended period of time is especially endearing. The subtle message that inspires people to stay safe and indoors is never lost.

‘Har Ghar Chup Chap Se Kehta Hai’ beautifully brings out precious moments with family inside the four walls of the house which is the safest place for all in the current times. Asian Paints with their home experts have been creating dream homes for decades, and are now inspiring everyone to stay safe.

Stay home, stay safe!