This Stunner From Durex Establishes Them As The King Of Advertising

Durex has a habit of awe-inspiring us with their witty ad campaigns, and they have never failed us. Durex has been an absolute favourite of Mad Over Marketing, and it continues to be.

So check this out :

What they wanted to advertise? 

Their range of Durex Dotted Pleasure (Sensation) Condoms

What was the medium?

Print ads

So, what was the big deal?

A product which is time and again advertised through TVCs and videos, where they can explicitly showcase “pleasure”, is very difficult to communicate through a print ad.


You know how you get goosebumps when that something special happens, when you get that ‘sensation’. Durex used exactly that, to promote ‘dotted’ condoms.



2. Durex-dotted-pleasure-Cleavage-cotw

3. Durex-dotted-pleasure-Stomach-cotw