This OOH Campaign Trash Talks Swedes For Their Poor Password Choices

SSF, an internet security organisation, has rolled out an OOH campaign to counter cyber crime in Sweden. The campaign is ~ interesting ~ to say the least. 

One of the easiest ways to protect oneself from cyber crime is using a strong password. However, it seems Swedes have an affinity for choosing silly and dirty words to protect their accounts. 

A list of leaked passwords by The Swedish Internet Foundation highlighted words like ‘mum’ (strange, we know) and expletives such as ‘fucking’ and ‘dick’ as the top 25 most used passwords in Sweden. Riding on this, the ad agency decided to make the public awareness campaign fun and provocative.   

The eyebrow-raising displays call out internet users for choosing weak passwords and funnily enough, Swedes seem to have taken it in their stride. 

The campaign’s mantra? Crisp eye-catching copy and an audience with a really good sense of humour. 

Crazy but we’re here for it!