This Map Turns Car Rides Into Epic Journeys

Love road trips? This one’s for you. 

South Korea’s Jeju Island is offering travelers a whole new experience. 

Instead of showing the fastest route to a destination, Slow Road takes travelers through the most picturesque routes so that tourists are able to make the most of their trip. 

The map recommends a total of 50 different routes with distinct themes that connect popular destinations with lesser known hidden gems, each of which captures the beauty of the island. Each route is filled with five to eleven scenic spots that travelers can relish while driving through.


Developers crunched through 65,000 points of interest around the island, and then cross-referenced the same with data on social media and online searches, keeping factors such as time and weather in mind to create the unique waypoints. 

The map has not only successfully reduced congestion on busy roads on the island, but also made getting around the island safer during the Covid-19 pandemic by dispersing tourist populations that were usually concentrated in only a few famous attractions.