This Intense Ad Spanning Three Decades Shows A Powerful Love Story Between Two Girls

In one of the ad films of the year, Renault Clio’s new spot features an endearing love story between two girls spanning across three decades. With the tagline ’30 years in the making’, the ad celebrates 3 decades since the first Renault Clio was released.

The ad begins with the girls meeting as kids through a student exchange programme, and they hit it off straightaway, before eventually falling in love despite the distance and the disapproval of their families.

Check it out :



First things first, the music is to die for. Set to the cover of “Wonderwall” by Oasis, the ad derives its soul from the music itself.

But you know what doesn’t work for the ad? The brand and product plugin. As a standalone video, it is a masterpiece and keeps you immersed till the very end. It makes you root for the protagonists, and makes you want a happy ending for them. However, the brand plug and the repetitive appearance of the car take so much away from what was a masterpiece in story-telling.

What are your thoughts?