This Influencer Is Making A Major ‘Buzz’ On Instagram To Save Her Kind

The world’s first insect influencer, ‘B’, is making a huge buzz on social media. Created by Fondation de France, B’s goal is to partner with brands in order to raise funds for bee conservation. 

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem. Unfortunately, they are slowly disappearing. 

To spread awareness about the issue and encourage people to save the bees, B documents her bee-utiful lifestyle and even takes belfies like other influencers.

The idea was simple – the more followers she got, the more brands would want to partner with her. Over her lifespan, B successfully collaborated with multiple brands such as Airbnb, and even became the brand ambassador for Paris’ most iconic departmental store, Galeries Lafayette. 

But of course, B wouldn’t collaborate with just anyone who offered her money. The influencer only collaborated with those brands which are engaged in biodiversity programs and are approved by her agency.

Over the course of two years, B generated more than €150,000 in ad revenue to finance multiple projects to save her species. Some of them included rebuilding of habitats, raising awareness, educating people on the impact of pesticides on pollinators and converting farmers to pollinator-friendly techniques.

Once her funding goal was met, she passed away at the hands of her greatest enemy – pesticides.

Creativity at its best!