This Gender Neutral Uni-form Is Too Cool For School

In 2019, students at Banqiao High School in Taiwan initiated a day where they invited male peers and professors to wear skirts to curb gender stereotypes and bullying. The school made it official, allowing students to wear the uniform of their choice, no matter their gender.

Inspired by this, Ogilvy Taiwan tapped menswear designer Angus Chiang and Vogue Taiwan to create a line of contemporary gender-neutral uniforms. The collection includes 11 unique pieces that celebrate equality and advocate the importance of respecting all choices. 

Project Uni-form comprises pieces such as the ‘shirtskirt’, ‘schoozer’, and ‘skorts’ that go beyond gender boundaries and can be sported by anyone and everyone. 

The collection was first unveiled at Taipei Fashion Week and hopes to inspire more schools to promote inclusion and diversity by reforming their uniform policies.