This Fashionable Clothing Line Was Created To Fight Plastic Waste

Single-use plastics are a menace to the environment. But because they are cheap and convenient, people continue to use them. 

The United Nations Environment Programme wanted to come up with an innovative solution that would raise awareness about the issue in an impactful way. Along with Ogilvy Mumbai, the organisation teamed up with renowned fashion designer and influencer Masaba Gupta to create a line of clothing with detachable bags integrated into the designs. 

The creative collection aimed to reduce the use of plastic bags in a way that was out of the box. The idea was to always have a bag handy in case it was ever needed, especially in cases of impulsive shopping. Each garment came with a detachable reusable bag that was a fashion statement by itself. 

So whenever a bag was required, people were literally wearing the solution. DIY videos were released to help people copy the concepts at home.

Watch the work in action here: