This Brand’s Inspiring Story Of The Gutless Foodie and The Sporty Sikh Needs To Be Seen Right Now!

The incidences of stress taking a physical and mental toil on our lives has increased largely over the last decade, and this has far reaching impacts. In a recent survey, most Indian cities were ranked in the top 50 as the most stressful cities to live in. There are days when we are anxious about the big meeting coming up, or stressed about that pending appraisal, or concerned about the well being of a loved one. In such a scenario wouldn’t it be relieving if there was a simple detoxifying drink which could restore balance and harmony in the body and mind?

Enter What If.

What If is a magical potion which aims to pull down your stress, and pull up your imagination. The drink quenches, refreshes, de-stresses and plays with your taste-buds. The rest is just you, thinking like a rainbow!

As a brand, What If stands for making the impossible possible. This is exactly what their latest campaign titled ‘What If Heroes’ revolves around. The campaign celebrates the real life heroes who have overcome the effects of stress in their lives. The video introduces us to two stellar human beings – Natasha Didee and Amarjeet Singh Chawla. These heroes were presented with a life situation where they could have gotten bogged down, withdrawn from the world, and probably led very sedentary lifestyles. But the heroes that they are, they overcame the hurdles and carved out a stronger, brighter, creative and a happier version of themselves. Check out the video :

So what’s common between the two protagonists? They looked at their life and asked the question “What If”. They imaged better possibilities. They took a chance, and they flourished. This is exactly the philosophy which the brand is trying to reinforce – “Unwind From the Grind” – take a step back and look within to explore your true potential.

Overall, it’s a beautiful story which perfectly embodies the brand philosophy and gets the message across in a very crisp manner. Kudos!