This Airline Pivoted Its Business During The Pandemic To Save Over 2000 Jobs

The aviation industry was one of the worst hit industries during the pandemic.

With lockdowns and travel restrictions across the world, flights were grounded and many airline companies had to lay people off.

However, Thai Airways found a way to create revenue and save jobs, even though there were no flight bookings being made. 

As people were forced to cancel their holidays and stay at home, Thai Airways partnered with local food delivery apps to bring the taste of travel to people in quarantine. 

Putting its award winning catering service to work, the airline created 12 menus inspired by destinations such as Bangkok to Paris, Bangkok to Dubai, and more. 

People really missed in-flight food. More than 4000 orders were made in the first two weeks alone.  

Once the lockdown was lifted, the airline turned the canteen of its headquarters in Bangkok into an airplane-themed restaurant. 

The airplane-inspired decor included economy and business class flight seats instead of chairs and tables crafted out of old engine parts.

Guests had to book the experience online to receive ‘boarding passes’. On arrival, they were greeted by the cabin crew and had to ascend to the restaurant via airstairs. The best part? Meals cost between only $3 and $5!

A fun experience for those who missed dining at 36,000 feet!