The Tanishq Ad Being Pulled Down Is A Moment That Warrants Some Introspection

The Tanishq ad being pulled down is a moment that warrants some introspection. Are we bordering on extreme trolling and cancel culture defining our society?

Titan as a brand has always stood for highlighting positive change in society. Over the years, the brand has made impactful ads celebrating diversity, depicting a single mother’s second marriage and even questioning the constant rush to get married. Their new campaign ‘ekatvam’ also aimed to celebrate the coming together of communities, but very blatantly put, the internet didn’t allow that.

What was the ad about?

A simple backdrop: A Hindu woman is married into a Muslim family, and is expecting a child. The mother-in-law surprises her with a Hindu ceremony for expectant mothers, and they share a joyful moment with each other.

That’s all.

The internet spewed hateful remarks against the brand and even threatened employees. They perceived the ad to be insensitive and hurtful to certain sections of the society. The reasons varied from why depict a Hindu-Muslim marriage to why particularly choose this context and why not show a Hindu household instead.

Soon, #BoycottTanishq started trending. Tanishq took the ad down, and issued this statement

Sections of people had issues with the statement as well, accusing Tanishq of not standing up to the trolls, and showing a weak stance. However, when the safety of your employees and retail stores are threatened – standing up to trolls and taking a high ground is easier said than done.

It is truly heartbreaking to see so much hate on something which aimed to bring about a positive message. Here’s the ad – you see, you decide.