The Manyavar X Marvel Crossover Nobody Expected But Everybody Wanted

When people say, ‘expect the unexpected,’ a collaboration like this is what they probably mean. 

The Manyavar X Black Panther crossover is raising all kinds of questions, but most prominently: is this real? Are people finally getting what they wanted? No really, is this real?

Here’s a little peak 👀

What. How. When? 

There’s a sense of intrigue and excitement around the campaign, with netizens as eager as ever to witness the launch of something so unique… so diverse. 

Inspired by the King, this coming together of two cultures is a first, and is going to be nothing short of extraordinary. The build-up has clearly worked and interest has certainly been piqued.

And the intrigue goes all the way back to 2018

Okay, this was just meant to be!

Surprising, intriguing, and exciting. All at once!