The Iconic Magic Of Old Ads Is In The Air – Thanks To MG Motor!

There are some things that never, ever go out of style. On the contrary, there’s a certain charm about them that only goes up with time! Iconic advertising from back in the day is undoubtedly one of those things. There’s something about old ads that is just magical – and if the ads are about cars, then well it doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Think iconic old ads, think MG Motor! This is one brand who’s iconic products were captured in truly legendary ads. Back in the age when most brands chose to play it safe, MG Motor always pushed the envelope on creativity and some edgy thinking. Look at some of these old world beauties below.

Cut to 2018, and the brand is back with a mission to re-create some old world charm today! (Oh and psst, we hear they are launching their first SUV in 2019) MG Motor is giving the best creative minds of today a chance to partake in recreating old world charm. They are inviting graphic designers & illustrators to re-write history, by taking a shot to re-draw some of their classic, greatest old ads. Its an opportunity for designers to enjoy a heady experience of staying rooted in MG Motor’s glorious history while taking a big stride forward.

This contest campaign by MG Motor is definitely getting the adrenaline going! Pick any or all of the brand’s shortlist of their 5 best ads and then just play with them. Come out with something revolutionary, while proudly dabbling in MG Motor’s rich legacy. To make the deal sweeter, there’s a cash prize and a chance to feature in a magazine on offer too!

Check out their campaign video below:


We are loving the concept and execution of this campaign. Everything about it is exuding old world charm with some contemporary vibes. Looking forward to seeing what magic is re-created when the best minds put their energies on this! Until then, we’re going back to soaking in some good ol’ magic of the ads of yesteryear.