The 4Ps of Marketing Are Not The Same Anymore, Here’s Our Hatke Take On It

Product, price, place and promotion are all passé. The epically viral image above is also not the 4 Ps we are talking about. Here’s our own very unique take on the 4 Ps that make marke-ting!


There’s Ramesh Suresh who eat Five Star and go all lost with an obscure tailor asking about some random patloon size. There were once people screaming Pagalpanti Bhi Zaroori Hai while going berserk drinking Mirinda. There are minions who chew HappyDent and smile so bright that they replace tubelights. The pseudo intellectuals may scoff over the sheer pointlessness of the ad content but all these campaigns have got the moolah for the respective brands. This is not to say that every thing marketing HAS to be mental. But every marketer needs to be pagal enough to not fear the outrageous.

For the tough hearted and hard brained who aspire to become crazy marketers, M.O.M recommends watching Race 3 once a week to loosen up.


Underneath every product, every message and every brand lies a promise – a promise to deliver what you’re promising. No, we aren’t being verbose. That’s just honestly how serious your promise is! Anyone associated with any aspect of marketing – product designing, pricing, promotions, creative, you name it – the backbone of all your work is that you’re always delivering something authentic to your customers. It could be a function, a service, a piece of information or an emotion. There’s a reason why genuineness always works in advertising. If the entire marketing campaign is truly committed to the core brand value, it just shows. Case in point? Cadburys. Nike. Apple. These are really different brands, each working beautifully because of this.


Yes you heard it right, you gotta be a playaaa. What does this even mean, you ask? We’ll tell you! You can’t do marketing in isolation. No, we aren’t giving a sermon on teamwork. What we’re saying is that you HAVE to work with and against competition. At all times. Marketing is really dynamic business. It’s game theory and psychology rolled in one. The reason brand wars are so common is not hard to get. You pick any product category and you ll find this happening. What being a playaaa means is that you stay on top of your game. Be aware and be sharp! Whether you ambush or defend or grow the category in collusion, it all depends, but we repeat, you can’t work in isolation.

Paehchan kaun!

Sorry about the corniness, we’re just in a good mood talking about marke-ting.

This is fairly text book and straightforward – brand identity. You, your customers, your employees, your clients, your competition – every stakeholder needs to be aware of exactly who you are. Branding, positioning and the jazz.  Aspiration? Let me get your notes Xeroxed. Let me Google the answer.