Tanishq’s Stunning New Campaign Is All About The Goodness That It Brings

Tanishq’s stunning new campaign is an ode to the years of goodness that the brand has spread in every little corner of the country. #GoodnessOfTanishq brings to life the ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices employed by them. In three beautifully crafted videos, the campaign depicts how each Tanishq product is blessed by lives that have been part of its journey, and which is why it is called #DuaKaSona!

Tanishq as a brand has always resonated with goodness, and keeping those brand ethos in mind, they have always taken initiatives to improve the lives of their Karigars, to contribute towards a sustainable environment and to give back to society in any way they can.

One of the spheres where Tanishq’s contributions are especially noteworthy are their efforts towards empowering women. They enabled the first ever all-women’s self help katihar group and provided skilling and livelihood opportunities to women. Through their Titan Kanya programme they have provided education to more than 34000 girls. In addition to this, Tanishq has constantly been working towards a more sustainable environment by using recycled gold, recycling water and using renewable energy at their manufacturing units.

The campaign videos are beautifully executed and the each video brings alive the blessings and love of all the hands it has touched. In a stunning juxtaposition of the people using the gold, and the people who helped make that gold, we see how their lives are intertwined, how their happiness is collective and how the gold is truly blessed.

You can watch the videos below :

1. Blessed by Women

2. Blessed by Karigars

3. Blessed by Nature