Tanishq Takes The Message Of Goodness Up A Notch With Their Latest Campaign ‘Dua Ka Sona 2.0’

We’re at a point in time where kindness is more important than ever. In the midst of this pandemic, Tanishq just launched a heartwarming and relevant campaign ‘Dua Ka Sona 2.0’ which amplifies the message of kindness and supporting those in need. The campaign conveys a powerful message – every time you choose Tanishq, you choose “blessed gold” – gold enveloped in immeasurable blessing of the many lives it has touched, by helping Karigars and the larger community in deep need of support.

Tanishq spread the message of goodness in their #GoodnessOfTanishq and #DuaKaSona campaign last year. In the backdrop of the pandemic, Tanishq takes the proposition of goodness a notch higher with Dua Ka Sona 2.0. The campaign beautifully calls out to each one of us to do a little something to help those who most need it in these trying times. Through the campaign, Tanishq brings the spotlight on the craft and craftsmen behind their jewellery – the karigar community.

Dua Ka Sona 2.0 captures a set of stories and emotional moments which bring empathy and goodness to life – check out the video below:

Tanishq as a brand has always stood for absolute trust, much like the Tata Group. #DuaKaSona showcases the spirit of goodness which is so deeply embedded in their brand ethos. This campaign comes at the right time when we need brands to be purposeful and responsible. It is emotional and empathetic, which is all humanity needs right now. In a year like this one, a relevant campaign like #DuaKaSona helps build a meaningful connect with consumers. We like! What did you guys think?