Sylvester Stallone Is Back With The Adrenaline Pumping Last Chapter Of Rambo’s Life

There’s a treat for Sylvester Stallone fans this week, as he is coming back in one the greatest portrayals of an action here ever – Rambo!

It’s been more almost 40 years since Sylvester Stallone first donned the guns for Rambo, and will now be back this week in what promises to be a deadly journey of vengeance. This will be the last chapter of the iconic movie series, and will be a personal mission for Rambo as he confronts his past and unearths his ruthless combat skills for one last mission.

It is going to be an intriguing watch, as we see Sylvester explore the untouched facets of the character, as he delves deeper into how the character thinks, as this movie gets much more personal than the previous instalments.

Check out the trailer below :

This will be the first time we will see Rambo in a family setting, which opens up a part of the character that viewers haven’t seen before. It showcases a much more human side to the protagonist, as the story brings a temporary sense of homelike to Stallone’s character.

The movie promises to be an epic, vengeance furled showdown which is fast-paced, brutal and intricate. The makers promise this to be an exciting and breathless experience for the audience, as we see Rambo using his skills and environment to hunt and trap his prey, much like he did in First Blood.

This is the final chapter in the saga of an iconic hero and it closes a circle for the character and the series. The movie honours Rambo and all the previous films by creating a slightly different kind of an action movie, combining everything that audiences have loved about the character, while putting him in a new environment and against an enemy unlike any he has battled before.

“RAMBO: LAST BLOOD will tap into something that never changes: the heart,” says Sylvester Stallone. “At the same time, the story builds and builds to a finale that is seismic, volcanic – and very satisfying.”