Subway India’s spunky new anthem is all about making your life and food the way you want

It is no secret that the one thing millennials love to engage with in the current day and age is content, especially content that they can relate to. Good quality content allows a brand to not only interact with the audience but also enables them to create an emotional connect with their consumers.

Subway caught onto this insight and in their latest campaign, they are establishing this connect with their audience in a language that they understand and with content that they can relate to. The brand is defining themselves in a contemporary way through a musical collaboration with three artists to create a theme song on their brand philosophy of – ‘Make It What You Want’.

The brand has collaborated with Darshan Raval, Bianca Gomes and Clinton Cerejo and launched their new anthem across major digital properties, where millennials are spending most of their time looking for exciting content.

The song is inspired from the brand’s unique promise of ‘make your own submarine sandwich or salad the way you want’, and draws a parallel to doing the same with your life. The song is a wonderful fusion of the varied musical interpretations of the three artists. The concept of the video is very motivational and is targeted to appeal the young millennials of today who are set to write their own destiny.

Check it out :