Stranger Things Are Happening In The Oreo Warehouse

Stranger Things has an incredible fan following, including a gigantic fan base in India. For so long, the promotions have left Indian fans estranged (see what we did there), but not anymore. 

With everyone psyched for the launch of the latest season of Stranger Things, Oreo India and Netflix India have joined hands to reward fans with something exciting. But when two iconic brands like these are involved, can we expect normal things as a reward? 

Duh, no, strange things only. 

Oreo is black and white, a striking colour combination that makes the brand stand out. But that is the story of this world. In the Upside-Down, things are different; their Oreo cookies are… red. 

In a teaser video which dropped last week, a rift opens up at the Oreo warehouse, revealing the monstrous Demogorgon, hungry for some cookies. Turns out in the Upside-Down, Oreos are red!

Netflix then took to social media to issue a confession as well.

Moment Marketing Done Right!

With the latest season of Stranger Things about to drop, Oreo India capitalized on the thrill of an otherworldly show to promote the otherworldly flavour of their cookies. Bringing the real dangers of the Upside Down world to the reel world, influencers also reacted to the warehouse video, further engaging with fans.

This collaboration brings two iconic brands together — one as the pioneer of the streaming business and the other as the ruler of snacking delights.

And what better way to blend both these worlds than by using the much-loved title track of the show.