Stashfin’s Latest Campaign Propagates Financial Independence For Women

Women have heard some truly ridiculous statements, many times from complete strangers, when it comes to their financial decisions. Stashfin, with their latest brand campaign is initiating a conversation that will hopefully be behaviour changing.

Financial independence could mean different things to different women. It means being in control of her own financial decisions, irrespective of here socio-economic background and gender. It means being able to pursue her dreams, by spending money wherever she deems fit. It means being able to sustain herself during emergencies, by saving and investing her money wherever she wants.

The more financially independent women are, the more progress our society and in turn our country will make.

But what are the comments that women end up hearing?

You want to buy a car? But do you know how to change tyres?


You want to take up a sport? Why don’t you try another “hobby”?


An advance on your salary? You’ve got to be kidding me!

With Neobanking platform Stashfin’s #LiveBoundless Credit Line card, made exclusively for women, the brand aims to provide financial freedom to women, while breaking all the bounds that people try to impose on women.

Ask any woman around you, across generations, and they will see themselves in these ads. It is not only relatable, but the instances portrayed hit a little too close to home. Everyone should have equal access to credit, regardless of gender, and Stashfin is enabling exactly that – Financial Inclusion.