Spotify’s Latest Campaign Is For All Of Us Who Stay In The Car Until The Song Finishes

We have all been there. We may have reached the destination, but our favourite song is playing, and there’s no way we are stepping out of the car till it finishes. It is this relatable habit, that Spotify has caught onto for their latest campaign. Set to the tune of Sia’s piano version of Elastic Heart, this ad depicts this very simple idea.

In the video, a parking lot valet, someone waiting for a pizza delivery, soccer teammates and grandparents are all forced to wait an extra minute until the song playing in the car is over.

This ad is yet another example of what has become Spotify’s signature style of advertising. They take an insight or data which everyone can relate to wrap it into some really delicious advertising.

Check it out!

The brand also launched an outdoor campaign for their ‘For The Ride’ campaign.