Spotify Storms Into IPL Finals With A Playlist For Every Delivery

There’s a common obsession that connects the billions in India – cricket and specifically, IPL. It’s no surprise that the entire country was gripped to the IPL finals last night. Every ball, every moment was a roller coaster ride. One brand really brought this IPL game to life – Spotify. Spotify has become synonymous with ‘There’s a playlist for that’. And boy, did they showcase that during the IPL finals.

With every ball bowled in the IPL finals yesterday, the mood and momentum of the game changed. Enter Spotify with a playlist for each delivery. Yes, you heard it right. 240 deliveries. 240 emotions. 240 Spotify playlists. What Spotify did yesterday was beautifully simple and unbelievable at the same time. They demonstrated how their 3 billion playlists ensure that irrespective of the situation you are in, there is always the right playlist personalized for that moment. Think about the range of emotions that take place in the IPL finals – the excitement, the tension, the celebration and we can go on and on. Well, only Spotify could cover every emotion that happened yesterday through their playlists.

Spotify set their own ball rolling with this tweet.

And well, there was no stopping them. They stormed their way through the finals with a customized playlist for every. single. ball.

For example, this ‘heartache’ playlist when a catch was dropped.

Or when a six was hit

Or when the championship was won!

They wrapped things up with this cheeky tweet, and let’s just say we’re rooting for the World Cup already!

Twitterati got into it too, and they were clearly loving it.

One of Spotify’s most compelling proposition is their catalogue of 3 billion playlists that cater to every single person. This campaign really drove home the fact that no matter what situation life takes you in, there’s definitely a playlist for that. Kudos, Spotify!