So Ben Stokes Has Been Nominated For The New Zealander Of The Year Award

It was quite an ironic World Cup final, wasn’t it? The English team was notoriously made up of immigrants, and most prominent of which was Ben Stokes, who has been nominated for the award of ‘New Zealander of the year’. Stokes is an immigrant from New Zealand, born in Christchurch. He moved to England at the age of 12 with his family. His parents however moved back to New Zealand eventually, and have been there since.

With the Kiwis claiming Stokes as one of their own, despite him almost single-handedly denying them the World Cup, is quite a story. Many users also claim that this is New Zealand’s way of throwing some subtle shade at England, and is actually quite a genius move.

The New Zealand public nominates “inspirational Kiwis” for the award – those said to have made a “significant contribution to our nation and make us proud of our country”.

What are your thoughts?