Snickers Secretly Sold Bounty In Snickers Packaging In A Bold ‘You Are Not You When Hungry’ Stunt

Snickers has for long been championing the cause of ‘you are not you, when you’re hungry’, and this time they took it to the next level. The brand chose to test this theory on themselves, and proved it by selling customers Snickers….umm well it wasn’t Snickers, it was a bar of Bounty (remember that coconut flavoured chocolate you never liked?) in Snickers packaging.

When users started realising they are eating coconut flavoured Bounty instead of Snickers, they took to social media to express their disgust and #SnickersGate soon started trending. The brand then released the video below, with the tagline : “We are not us when we are hungry!”.

The brand has been using this tagline for over a decade now, and it has given them the opportunity to be very creative with their advertising. Here’s looking forward to a lot more from them!