Snapchat Is Making A Comeback With Their First Ever Global Ad Campaign!

Snapchat is making a comeback and how!

In their first global campaign, the brand is talking about “Real Friends”. Through various videos they highlight how many pairs of friends and family are using Snapchat to not only stay in touch, but also come closer to one another. The campaign is fresh, youthful and is a happy celebration of friendship.

“Our platform is really a response to some of the challenges of social media. It became a bit of an escape from social media, where people can really be themselves.”

These videos are really fun, and you can see and feel the friendship between the pairs and how they use the platform in different ways to stay connected. Many social media platforms have used real users in their campaigns before, and this one is nothing new. But the messaging and communication sure is fresh and relevant. Check out the stories from India below :

But the most interesting part of the campaign was how Snapchat launched the campaign, which essentially boils down to the platform it used – Instagram!

Snapchat invaded Instagram and took over popular hashtags like #realfriends and #friendshipquotes, where influencers posted popular quotes with Snapchat’s yellow branding on it.

The Instagram posts were just the beginning of a much bigger campaign, featuring print ads, TV commercials and billboards. But one thing is for sure, they are not going to let Instagram sleep peacefully for long.