Skyscanner Cleverly Uses The Exorbitant iPhone Pricing In It’s Latest Ad

Every year when Apple reveals their latest flagship phones to the world, we are first very excited, and then comes the price tag, which evokes the same reaction each and every year. So this year, when Apple launched the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, it was little surprise that they were super, super, super expensive.

While everyone continued to lament over the new iPhones’ exorbitant prices, Skyscanner Singapore decided to take advantage of the matter with a clever ad.

Here, the brand juxtaposes Apple’s iPhone Xs and what its price—when converted to Singapore dollars—can get you on its website. In this case, an “Epic European trip [at] $1,443.”

The ad comes with the caption, “A phone that will last you a few years or an epic trip that you will remember for a lifetime—the choice is yours.”

Take a look at the ad below.