Skyn Launched An Erectile Dysfunction Pill That Never Gets Flaccid

A condom brand from the west, SKYN is bringing a new erectile dysfunction product to the market, with a very unique packaging. This packaging does exactly what the product promises. It comes in a container that never gets flaccid.

This always-up packaging is a unique marketing effort which supports the marketing mantra of ‘don’t say it, show it’. For a long time now we have been talking about how chanting what your product does is losing the steam, and showing what your product does in an interesting manner is what is working this year.

The packaging visually demonstrates what the buyer wants. Check out the video :

“We wanted to come up with a design that reflected the pill’s purpose but had a sleek look, something that could just as easily be an accessory. Most consumers now understand what this product does – so it was really about entering the category boldly, with something simple but impactful.” – Mehdi Benali, Managing Director at Sid Lee Paris