HP changes the age old question, “Aage ka kya socha hai” with #HowAboutNow Campaign

For years, we have always been asked that one question – ‘Aagey ka kya socha hai?’ The question has just haunted us forever. It just makes us go…

It’s because we the Gen Zs have a totally different take on this question. Rather than focusing on our tomorrow, we care about what we can do now. With its new campaign #HowAboutNow, HP initiates discussion on why this really matters.

#HowAboutNow is basically how GenZs reply to the age old question of – ‘Aage ka kya socha hai’, and the campaign thus resonates strongly with the younger generation. It talks about how this generation isn’t really waiting for a day in the future to achieve something, and are instead focused on achieving their dreams today and now!

Today’s generation does not shy away from working hard every single day and working towards their goal, instead of waiting for things to work out in their favour. One of the campaign videos features Gen Z icon MC Sher a.k.a. Siddhant Chaturvedi.

It’s a very interesting take on the topic, and the association with Siddhant Chaturvedi is a perfect fit for the campaign. He’s been a sensation this year and is especially relatable to the GenZs. In the video, he echoes the collective voice of Gen Z when he says ‘Kal ka sher nahi, aaj ka sher banna zaroori hai’.

There are a lot of emotions, victories and failures which we go through on a regular basis, and each of them shape who we are. Siddhant’s story reflects the same. He shows us how #HowAboutNow is the answer to everyone questioning what our plans for the future are. 

Gen Z believes in giving its best every single day and this campaign talks about this fact through influencers who have left their mark in a variety of fields.

The choice of influencers for this campaign is fresh and represents a generation which is passionate and believes in getting things done today instead of worrying about the future. For instance, here’s Jasleen Royal talking about what defines her ‘today’.


In another inspiring story we see Yahya Bootwala talking about how he prefers making his ‘today’ worthwhile, instead of contemplating about ‘what next’.


We absolutely loved the campaign thought and the crisp execution that speaks to the young generation. HP truly comes forth as a trustworthy partner in Gen Z’s quest to do more. What do you guys think?