Shoppers Stop’s Latest Video Brings The Biggest Smile – Anything For A Kiss!

There’s something incredibly heart-warming in the relationship between a father and his daughter. It’s innocent, pure and just endless love. Dads will do pretty much anything for a simple kiss from their little kids. But kids being kids, often getting a loving kiss from them means the dads have to do all kinds of antics! It’s this insight that a brand has encapsulated into a lovely campaign. Shoppers Stop has come out with a very unique take on National Lipstick Day. Unlike taking the expected route of showing an array of lips and lipsticks, Shoppers Stop truly breaks the clutter with the cutest campaign, featuring a little girl and her loving dad.

The video takes a very slice of life like approach to show little moments from a day where a dad and his young daughter spend time together. All he wants is a heartwarming ‘kissey’ but he inevitably has to do some cute little gesture to get that first! The dad will forego the remote when he really wants to watch TV and even go to the extent of letting his daughter apply lipstick on him – all for that specially kiss from his child. It’s sweet and fills your heart with love! The video takes up a relatable simple concept and executes it beautifully. Check out the video below:

That moment where the father kisses the card and looks at his wife happily, with lipstick on his face and his daughter laughing away – it’s a very special one. Anything for a kiss! Shoppers Stop took a unique concept and converted it into a genius campaign, that definitely stands out from the crowd. Simple and effective – we like! What did you guys think?