Seniority Has A HeartWarming Campaign This Diwali That Will Make You Take A #ParentalLeave Right Away

Diwali is a time for family – that time of the year when no matter which part of the world anyone is in, everyone gets packing and comes home to celebrate! While we all await the festival, parents look forward to Diwali the most. It is this festive spirit and the message of spending time with your parents that’s the theme of a Diwali campaign by Seniority – #ParentalLeave.

The campaign is a little reminder that we take leaves for all kinds of reasons and occasions but the least we could do is once in a while take a #ParentalLeave and spend some quality time with our parents. Over the years our parents have spent innumerable hours taking care of us, it’s time we do the same. Being able to check in on our parents will not only fill their heart with joy, it will also be extremely reassuring for us as we watch our parents grow older. #ParentalLeave is a thoughtful campaign that manages to bring this message to life in a beautiful way. Check out the video below:

The ad showcases the protagonist comes home for Diwali, and he’s overwhelmed as he realizes how his parents are struggling to perform day to day tasks that would be breeze earlier. He decides to shop on Seniority, a one stop shop for all kinds of useful gifts for his parents. He finds an AI powered health monitor from Dozee and thus, leaves back home reassured that everything is okay. It’s a very slice of life situation that is relatable for most millennials today. The campaign does a wonderful job in creating an emotional connect and urging us to take more parental leaves, and invest time in little gestures that will enable us to take care of our parents better.

Here’s to Diwali and the spirit of spending the festival with your loved ones!