This Beautiful Rakshabandhan Campaign Gives The Festival A Brand New Flavour!

Schmitten Moments, through their latest campaign #EkRakhiAur is aiming to champion the thought of equality and respect. Rakshabandhan celebrates the love and the bond that a brother and a sister share. As per convention, the sister ties a Rakhi on her brother’s hand in exchange for a promise of protection from evil. But in the present day, where society is giving women the equal status which they deserve, this tradition is not enough. The initiative by Schmitten Luxury Chocolates, #EkRakhiAur urges sisters to tie not one, but two Rakhis to their brothers. The second Rakhi is a promise of respect, where the brother supports the sister to live her life on her own terms. The sister thanks the brother for empowering her and giving her the respect of an equal. Manifested in Schmitten’s latest slice-of-life digital film, the idea lends a new dimension to the relationship between brother and sister, enriching the bond in its own sweet manner.

Check out the video below :

Actively leveraging social media, Schmitten’s initiative is helping curate such stories of equality. As a part of the digital campaign, its live contest is giving a platform for the audience to voices such beautiful moments. Schmitten hopes to invite more people to engage with the idea and share their stories.


According to Jayesh Desai, the Founder and Chairman of Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group, the brand is trying to become a torchbearer of change. “Schmitten is a chocolate for the modern generation. In a category replete with heart-warming campaigns, we want to deliver a mature opinion. It is our aim to initiate change and address societal issues. #EkRakhiAur addresses one of the most pertinent issues of the day – of giving women their due right. #EkRakhiAur is a defining step towards achieving this goal.”

Subroto Pradhan, Managing Partner, ADK-Fortune said “We want Schmitten Moments to not only be the premium gift offering in the country, but also a name which provides a greater meaning to every occasion that turns into a lasting memory. Our vision is to make every special moment synonymous with Schmitten Moments.”

Envisioned by ADK-Fortune, #EkRakhiAur seeks to spark a new conversation about fairness and dignity within the family. Commenting on its success, Akashneel Dasgupta, National Creative Director, said “With #EkRakhiAur, we are trying to start a new tradition of equality. A modern brother believes that respecting women starts at home. Which is why the second Rakhi stands for a promise of respect and acceptance of the sister’s freedom. The sister thanks the brother for supporting her decisions. This should be the ideal kind of status-quo between siblings.”

Rishabh Verma, Marketing Head of Schmitten reiterated the same in his statement that; “The festival of Rakshabandhan needs to address the gender inequality that still exists in many Indian homes. Our latest initiative showcases the evolving relationship between a brother and sister through the brand lens. Schmitten wants to have a meaningful role in every special occasion such as that of Rakshabandhan and make these moments memorable.”

Client: Schmitten Chocolates
Jayesh Desai, Founder and Chairman of Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group
Rishabh Verma, Marketing Head
Brand Team: Srishti Jain & Archit Goel
Agency: ADK-Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Akashneel Dasgupta – National Creative Director
Creative Team – Ravi Mishra, Shyam Nair, Ritesh Narang & Sanjana Pearl Sen Choudhury
Account Management – Shruti Negi, Mukul Angral & Asmita Goswami
Digital Team – Tarun Joshi, Prateek Vishwakarma & Meha Khera
Director: Manoj Pillai
Executive Producer: Nancy