RBL Bank And Mastercard Launch A Star Studded Festive Campaign That Tells People To #UseBefikar

The festive season is upon us and consumer spending going up is on the horizon. RBL Bank and Mastercard have launched a campaign that strikes a chord with Indians right before the festivities begin.

Backed by stars such as Riteish Deshmukh, Ayushmann Khurrana, Mirabai Chanu and Vikrant Massey, the campaign highlights the versatility of RBL Bank’s Mastercard Credit Card and its exciting deals and offers.

For Ayushmann Khurrana, keeping his fans happy is of utmost importance, the biggest fans being his family. The actor shows how he uses his RBL Bank Credit Card to fulfill the needs and wants for every family member.

When you’re really good at something, there’s immense pressure on you to succeed. While years of training kept Mirabai Chanu worry-free in the stadium, she reveals what keeps her stress-free outside: RBL Bank’s Mastercard Credit Card. Whether it’s ordering expensive equipment or something as small as her favourite food, pizza, the card is her go-to for everything.

Stress is part of all of our lives, and after a long day at work, dealing with pending bills seems like a major task. But Vikrant Massey shares how he pays his bills in just two minutes while on set and even indulges in online shopping when he doesn’t feel like moving from his couch, all facilitated by RBL Bank’s Mastercard Credit Card. 

In reel life, Riteish Deshmukh enacts characters that feel close to him without any hassle. Similarly in real life, Deshmukh is a family man, and catering to his family with things that make life easier: be it electronic appliances, or fresh groceries ordered online, is what keeps him worry-free. And he does this through RBL Bank’s Mastercard Credit Card. 

Talking about the campaign, Abhijit Somvanshi, Executive Vice President and Marketing & Communications Head, RBL Bank said, “Today, the power of creating a brand’s image has shifted in the hands of consumers. They trust the content and recommendations shared by celebrities and influencers that they follow. Thus, it is important to bring in an influencer which directly resonates with the brand image, the target audience and the product offering. Through #UseBefikar, RBL Bank and Mastercard aim to resonate with the audience at a personal level. The celebrities bring a sense of credibility and authenticity with them, ensuring a wider audience reach. They will create an edge of excitement to try out these seamless offerings, backed by a safe and secure payments system.”

Consumers love splurging once the festive season rolls around. With ‘Use Befikar’ as the premise of the campaign, RBL Bank and Mastercard are showing users how RBL Bank’s Mastercard Credit Card is a safe and secure way of making payments for an array of needs and use cases, and encouraging them to check out their exclusive deals and offers for cardholders.