Ranbir & Deepika’s Camaraderie And A Paint That Protects Your Health – Asian Paints Latest Campaign Is A Win!

Nothing like a happy, feel-good vibe to promote an innovative offering, right? Well Asian Paints has just launched their latest ad to promote its new Brand, Royale Health Shield, the Anti Bacterial Paint. The video brings together arguably one of the most loved superstar pairings, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in a short but very effective campaign storyline that promotes the need for healthier, more hygienic homes.

While most paint ads are understandably an onslaught of colours, this ad really gets your attention with both its unique offering themed on health and the star pairing. We guarantee that you can’t help but have a big wide smile as you watch this video!

The ad showcases Ranbir renovating his house, and seeking advice on the paint colour. Very slice of life, right? Enter Deepika, who gives an interesting piece of advice – go with whatever colour you like, but ensure the paint is Anti-Bacterial. She recommends Asian Paints Royale Health Shield, the Anti-Bacterial paint, with Silver Ion Technology recommended by Indian Medical Association, that will give utmost protection to the walls of his home, keeping bacteria at bay and at the same time giving a luxurious finish to the walls. The unique value proposition of Royale Health Shield being a paint that takes care of your health clearly lands.

We loved the camaraderie between the star brand ambassadors, and the tight execution of the concept. Kudos to Asian Paints! Here’s to pretty walls that protect you from bacteria. 2019 – what a great time to be alive!