Puma Wins Hearts After Coming To The Zimbabwean Cricket Team’s Rescue

Not all cricket teams are backed by associations with deep pockets. Many cricketers around the world have to fend for themselves. 

Zimbabwean cricketer Ryan Burl recently took to Twitter to share an image of his worn out shoes, some glue, and what looks like equipment used to fix shoes. In the emotional tweet, he pleaded, “Any chance we can get a sponsor so we don’t have to glue our shoes back after every series”?

The Tweet went viral and a few hours in, Puma stepped in to relieve the cricketer of his woes saying, “Time to put the glue away, I got you covered.”

The brand promptly got their game on and sent a shipment of brand new spikes that match the colours of the team’s jersey for the team. 

Indian cricket legends Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh also chimed in to applaud the brand’s efforts. 

But it doesn’t end there! The next day, the 27-year old cricketer signed a contract with Puma Cricket, and the brand got onboard as the official shoe sponsor for the Zimbabwean cricket team. 

He confirmed the deal and thanked social media users for highlighting his plight in a tweet that read, “I am so proud to announce that I’ll be joining the @pumacricket team. This is all due to the help and support from the fans over the last 24 hours.”

A great lesson for brands trying to build their social media presence: keep your eyes and ears open, you never know when you might come across a priceless marketing opportunity.