Prestige Celebrates Its Unique Relationship With Mothers In A Month-Long Campaign

If there’s a brand that has understood the nuances of the lives of mothers in India, it’s Prestige.

Every product created by the brand is inspired by mothers, for there is ‘Prestige’ in all the activities performed by her throughout the day. 

From introducing the pressure cooker to Indian kitchens decades ago, to reinterpreting the product with new solutions to make cooking easier and more delightful, the brand has been a part of every Indian kitchen’s journey since its very start.

The kitchen appliances and cookware brand draws inspiration from real moms and their experiences. Take the issue of leaky pressure cookers for example: Prestige devised the Svachh Pressure Cooker, a spillage control pressure cooker that comes with a lid that contains any spillage that might occur during the course of cooking. Or the Veggie Cutter that lets moms save their tears for happy occasions, instead of shedding them while chopping onions. 

Each creation is designed keeping Indian moms in mind. 

For Mother’s Day, the brand rolled out a film that highlights the ‘khattar pattar’ that is associated with our moms – from the clanking in the kitchen early in the morning, to the whistling of the pressure cooker in the afternoons. By depicting several touching instances, the brand showcases its commitment to making the lives of mothers easier, and beautifully conveys the message that motherhood is an emotion and experience that is gender-agnostic. 

To continue celebrating this special dynamic with moms all over India, Prestige kept the conversation going on its social media platforms through the month, celebrating the thought that there is ‘Prestige’ in everything a mother does.