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Last week, I asked you to share one thing that you made you smile that morning. Here’s what everyone answered.

Going through my old photographs made me smile today. It helped me ground myself in the fact that I’ve not always been miserable and this is a temporary phase of my life.

One thing that always brings smile on my face is my dog, even if everyone is sick he somehow manages to make us all laugh, isn’t it magical ( considering the fact he cannot even speak our language). 

Things that made me happy on 4th may 
Choco chip ice cream 
My friend got a new job at one of the most AMAZing companies and I’m so happy for her. She deserves it! 
Blue team winning masterchef team challenge(esp Depinder and Tom’s happy dances/jumps)

Going through my old photographs made me smile today. It helped me ground myself in the fact that I’ve not always been miserable and this is a temporary phase of my life. 

what made me smile today was my boyfriend calling me up only to tell me one liner jokes he read and found funny 

What made me smile today? A very unexpected call from my boyfriend to just say “I love you” (he’s not big on emotions tbh). Checking up if I was doing ok mentally, and assuring me that everything will be okay. Little things go a long way.

I got in touch with an old friend, and I am happy to realize that nothing has changed a bit. We still act like crazy when we talk. 

One thing that made me smile today is that one dog in my colony who has grown weaker and weaker in last few months. We have been feeding him, but this morning we couldn’t find him anywhere but then after a while he appeared at our doorstep. And the smile we had on our faces was the best one.

I woke up to the smell of frangipani blooming on the little plant I have placed in my window. I had a rare day off from work, so I took the opportunity to switch on the radio (I’m old fashioned that way.) Then I decided to pot some plants that I had propagating for some time now. The feel on wet soil on fingers quickly transported me back to childhood when we’d make clay castles in summer vacations. And just like that, it was one of the best days for me, despite att the gloom surrounding us all.

I recently suffered from health issues, which is why now that i wake up every morning, i thank the power to let me lead my life perfectly healthy and happy. I have a reason to smile every single morning.

Had iftar with my family in led yellow lights after so long, it just made me so happy 🙂 we didn’t have candle so these yellow lights worked for us Yay!!

What made me smile today? My little cat (Nala) holding my leg during a yoga pose! What a support that was for the body to balance. 🙂

The one thing that made me smile today was that my monstera had popped out a new leaf and I just watch it slowly unfurl itself throughout the day. For someone who barely had any knowledge of growing plants, this was a huge milestone.

One thing that made me smile today – my mom’s laughter! 

A few of her relatives passed away due to covid and she has been down all week, but today she was watching a stupid Instagram Reel and she burst out laughing. I could hear her laugh from another room. It is so heartbreaking to see parents feel depressed because I know what depression feels like, and it sucks. But today hearing her laughter made me smile. So, thank you Instagram for that stupid reel. You made my day 🙂

My best friend whom i havent met in a long time video called me to show one of the prettiest skies.

Reading these ‘chittis’ week after week is thoroughly what is making me smile lately. Not to exaggerate these are quite insightful and constructive for the currently gloomy mind, thankyou.

I said no for something I was trying to avoid for a very long time. I just didn’t have enough courage to say no upfront. The idea of me saying no, on someone’s face is rare and so I believe, it was almost a happy moment for me. 

Today I had an interview for B school and when they asked me to tell them something about me apart from my education, I told them that I follow Mad Over Marketing because I love to stay up to date with marketing news and I love to know about the minimalist ads. That “Ahaan” expression on interviewer face after hearing this made me smile.

What made me happy today is seeing individuals doing all they can to save each other.
While there are scumbags doing all sort of shit, they are plenty of innocent people helping each other!
Uber driver, cab drivers, Khalsa aid, our house helps, friends, acquaintances! MOST IMPORTANTLY DOCTORS AND HEALTHCARE STAFF!
Everyone just saying, “Ghabrao nahi, hum hai” is just ❤️❤️❤️! 
Things that made me smile today:
1. This Chitthi – the fact that it opened the floor for its readers to share their views. Love how every edition feels like a personal conversation even though millions (if not more) are probably reading it just like me.
2. Billie Eilish’s Vogue cover story – the transparency, her perspective and the way she communicates and puts it out on a global platform like Vogue – be it in her lyrics or music videos, interviews, every little detail is put forward artistically and exactly how she wants it to be. The fact that she’s in control of the direction her career is headed in at just 19 is amazing. I may sound like a ‘fangirl’ and I have no shame in admitting that I may even be one! It’s nice to see a female role model take the center stage and inspire an entire generation, especially at such a young age. If I could express the way Billie does, I’d probably be smiling a lot more!
One of my closest friends from college identified himself as being gender dysphoric. At the age of 20, he realised he was a transman. I’ve seen him struggle with his body and of course, the society. He was judged and looked down upon by the society and even his own family. I’ve seen him cry, but he never gave up. All I could do was make him feel comfortable and be his home. I consider him to be the strongest person I’ve been so close to. Accepting one’s own flaws is the strongest thing in the world, as per me. 
And then yesterday, after 5 long years of struggle, he finally received his Gender Identity certificate from his psychiatrist, which means he can now proceed with his transitioning process. He can now finally get into the body he’s conformable in. He can finally have his freedom now. This, this very step of his towards what he always wished for made me smile. 
Thank you for having me write it all down. It felt even better sharing my happiness with others.
My 4 year old made me a bookmark for my birthday 🙂 … made me smile. You can be sure I will be using that bookmark for a long time. 
The introduction of Chitthi and how personal it feels made me smile today. 🙂
No, it makes me smile every week, thank you Sid. 

Well, the thing that made me smile today was the fact that a friend wasn’t able to sleep well since the past few days, he slept very well last night and felt better.

And ofcourse, seeing Sid’s Chitthi in my inbox made me smile!

Well, the thing that made me smile today was the fact that a friend wasn’t able to sleep well since the past few days, he slept very well last night and felt better.

And ofcourse, seeing Sid’s Chitthi in my inbox made me smile!

The only things that made me smile today was my Di and Jiju being cured of Covid-19 finally, and the quality time spent with the family.

My brother diffused a situation between me and my dad and I also spoke up for myself and my dad respected me for it. Big smile and gratefulness and a big win

Something that brought a smile on my face was my fiancé saying I love you to me for the first time (“I love u” takes time in a arranged marriage scenario u know….)

In a world of videos calls and half-hearted messages, receiving chithi is a delight. 
I’m sure a lot of things made me smile the past week, but one such moment would be seeing MOM call this a chithi.
Seeing the chitthi in my mailbox is something that made me smile today 🙂 
Talking about one thing that really made me smile today, I tried being on a social media detox over the weekend for 36 hours and did so, successfully! (YAY)
Today morning when I went back to my phone, I saw notifications from friends checking up on me 😛
The thing that makes me smile everyday –
Mom Dad waking me up with a kiss and the most adorable morning wish possible.
PS: I am 26 and feel immensely blessed to have these adorable angels ♥️
I baked for my sister today and it was so relaxing! That’s the one thing I did today that made me happy!
One thing that made me smile today is chai and phoha early in the morning 😌
You asked what made me smile today, and it is waking up to my baby dog cuddling next to me. We adopted her 5 months ago. She’s a Corgi & Spitz mix and is absolutely adorable! 
It warmed my heart that is is getting more and more comfortable with my family and I. Hope for more morning cuddles to brighten each day, haha.
I bought myself some gorgeous white lilies! 🙂
I am happy to see the rain today, after ages! 🤍