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Here’s the CEO of PumaPay, Yoav Dror, talking to ‘Medium’ about their partnership with PornHub. (source : Medium)


Partnering with a global brand like Pornhub is huge. What led you to this decision?

At PumaPay, we strive to build an innovative payment solution and make it available to as many brands and their customers as possible. Partnering with Pornhub helps us make PumaPay Token accessible to millions of users worldwide, which will hopefully lead to its wide adoption as a payment method, and we are honored to cooperate with such a household name.

What’s in PumaPay for companies like Pornhub?

High-risk merchants pay huge processing fees to banks and credit card processing companies. PumaPay solves this issue for them. Additionally, these companies suffer from higher chargeback risks and other limitations. PumaPay alleviates these issues while allowing for the flexibility of billing scenarios, combined with an anonymity their customers will appreciate.

Pornhub is not the only brand in this partnership. Can you tell us more about others, such as TrafficJunky?

We are thrilled to also be partnering with TrafficJunky, PornHub’s traffic and advertising network. Partnering with TrafficJunky is truly huge: this is a recognized B2B industry leader. The TrafficJunky network possesses huge amounts of traffic, some of it Pornhub’s and some belonging to other advertising networks. As these businesses might bill their customers in PMA, they can pay with the token for their advertising campaigns. This enables the usability of the token in the B2B environment, allowing for a comprehensive and holistic PumaPay ecosystem.

Are there any other Pornhub-related brands adopting the PumaPay solution?

Yes, there are indeed more brands, and we’ll announce the full scope of the partnership, including all paysites, later this week.

PumaPay seems to be very well accepted by the adult entertainment industry, with so many of its representatives signing up as Early Adopters. Can you share your thoughts on that?

This is true: a lot of our Early Adopters come from the adult entertainment industry. It has huge processing volume, hence for PumaPay ecosystem, it holds a great promise. Furthermore, adult entertainment has always been one of the most disruptive industries in the world as it tends to easily adopt any innovation. There’s a saying that once something is adopted by adult entertainment, it will go mainstream. This is exactly what we hope for: as so many companies have already accepted PumaPay, their client base and the processing volume will contribute to the mass adoption of our PullPayment solution.