Philips Showcases The Strength And Resilience Of Mothers During The Lockdown

Philips Avent has always pioneered the wellbeing of mothers, and in their latest campaign they paid a heart-warming tribute to the strength and resilience of mothers during the lockdown. 

The digital film was released on Mother’s Day, and features real-life mothers and their kids from across the country. The brand used user generated content to showcase how the current pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has impacted the lives of our mothers.

The video talks about how every mother’s daily routines have changed due to the lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped them from ensuring their families are taken care of in a way only she can. Check out the video below :

These are all real stories, and real moments from households across India showcasing how the time are tough but our moms are tougher – #ToughTimesToughMoms. It beautifully captures the unsung super-heroes of the current situation – our adorable moms. Their invaluable contributions at home are what keeps all our lives going. Their warmth and affection keeps our families safe and happy, and we are always taken care of.

“Mothers make life better for all of us, everyday. This mother’s day, we at Philips Avent wanted to celebrate this spirit of motherhood that has shone brighter than even before during the COVID lockdown and so we created this short film as a token of our gratitude. The beauty of this whole campaign is in its authenticity – the film cast are real mothers living everyday moments at their homes. Entirely self shot, this film is our way of saying Thank you to all the mothers who make life better for us, everyday.” said, Gulbahar Taurani, Vice President, Philips Personal Health, Indian Subcontinent

To execute the campaign, the brand initially invited mothers to share their pictures and videos on social media. These were then showcased in the brand film with a heart touching message. The brand worked closely with various ‘Mom’ communities like Momspresso and Momjunction for reaching out to the moms across the country.

A film for moms, made by moms.