Philips Focuses On The Father-Son Dynamic For A Unique Father’s Day Activation

There’s no denying that fathers play an incredibly important role in their children’s lives. Dads may not be verbose in expressing their affection, but deep down there’s love in everything they  say and do for their children.  

For Father’s Day this year, Philips is putting a spotlight on father-son relationships with a relatable film to encourage people to express their emotions through words and small gestures which go a long way. In collaboration with TVF, the brand has released a short film featuring characters from TVF’s hit show Aspirants

Abhilash is an IAS aspirant away from home, preparing for the UPSC exam. While he chats with his mother on the phone quite often, the conversations with his father don’t go beyond his dad asking him about his studies and checking if he has eaten. So when he hears his girlfriend, Dhairya, tell her father she loves him, he’s confused and taken aback. 

The film goes on to show how Dhairya convinces Abhilash to express his true emotions to his father, who sends him a Philips OneBlade as a Father’s Day present. Abhilash isn’t a fan of the clean shave look, so his dad explains how he can choose his own style with the hybrid trimmer, styler and shaver. 


While Abhilash’s dad may not have long conversations with him, he sure does express his love for his son in subtle ways. The product ties in with the story seamlessly, facilitating a father to convey his feelings to his son and vice versa.

With the #KhulKeBolo campaign, Philips is encouraging people to pick up their phones and tell their dads how much they are loved and appreciated this Father’s Day – pushing open and honest communication over blaming things on an awkward ‘generation gap’.