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With the increase of clutter in outdoor advertising it is becoming very difficult to stand out of the mess. Every building, every sidewalk, every flyover, mall, stadium, basically everywhere you look has a billboard or is screaming their lungs out about a brand. Times Square and London’s Picadilly Square are shining examples of this. So what does it take to stick out? Wit, humor and whole lot of creativity. This is exactly what these 10 brands have managed to do. Here is our pick of the world’s most brilliant outdoor advertisements!

1. Koleston Naturals used the natural background view to not only demonstrate the different shades of colours that they offered for hair dye, but also communicated how the ingredients of the hair dye were natural as well.



2. Coca Cola used this technique to publicize their new bottle called Coca Cola “Grip”. The ad itself gripped all users!




3. Ariel made it pretty clear that it removes stain with this beauty.



4. Jeep very subtly delivered the message that it was suitable for all kinds of terrain. An advertising masterstroke, and one of our favourites.



5. Quikr came out with this ad right after Sachin Tendulkar retired from International Cricket. Get it?



6. This gym left no stone unturned to depict the strength of this gym user.


7. Now you can’t sit if there are no seats can you? Nike promoting fitness through this genius.



8. *Speechless*



9. To get this right, you have to say it right.



10. Seat Belts Save. Period