Optimum Nutrition® Throws The Spotlight On The Journey Of 3 Exceptional Indian Sportswomen

What does the value of a medal have to do with gender? 

Regardless of whether a man or a woman bringing home a gold medal, the nation gleams with pride and joy. In the same breath… shouldn’t fitness and nutrition be more inclusive and gender-neutral as well? 

In an endeavour to promote proper nutrition for female athletes and overall fitness for women everywhere, Optimum Nutrition launched an inspiring campaign with an important message:
There Is More In All Of Us. 

To bring this proposition to life, the brand roped in 3 exceptional sportswomen – Sangeeta Phogat, Priya Punia and Afshan Ashiq – and highlighted their example to bring the topic of women’s fitness to the centre stage: 

Championing female athletes as powerful ambassadors 

The narrative features three athletes in gritty avatars as they embody the brand’s core ethos of pushing boundaries and going beyond the limit. 

The idea was to showcase the strength and determination of these women who are not only at the top of their games, but are also role models for young girls and boys everywhere. The overarching goal is to democratize sports nutrition consumption in India, and provide women with an equal and inclusive platform. 

To educate the audience about the right kind of nutrition and the role it plays to optimise performance, the brand delved a little deeper into each one of the athlete’s stories.

“My best game moment is yet to come. There is more in all of us” ~ Sangeeta Phogat 

A champion wrestler and trailblazer in women’s wrestling, Sangeeta’s unrelenting determination has secured her a gold medal at the National Wrestling Championship and has made her a potent contender at the upcoming Olympics in 2024. 

Her achievements have not only inspired but also empowered young women across the country to brave any storm, face any challenge, and focus on getting the right nutrition to be able to do so. 

“I used to be the only girl training on the pitch, and everyone would stare” ~ Afshan Aashiq 

One of the first female footballers from Kashmir, she started an academy for girls and was honoured as the Fit India ambassador by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. He even coined the term “Ace it like Afshan”. 

She addressed the lack of awareness about nutrition for women and spoke about how her experience with Optimum Nutrition helped her stay fit and healthy even during the off-season. 

“When you wear the blue jersey all your hard work feels validated. It is hard to describe in words” ~ Priya Punia 

An integral part of the Women’s Indian Cricket Team, Priya Punia’s hours of hard work and relentless effort have not gone unnoticed by the nation. She gives credit to the right nutrition and an increased amount of protein in her diet, all of which were taken care of by Optimum Nutrition.  

The need of the hour is to focus on the overall fitness of women in India, and the brand has made a significant effort to spotlight the issue and truly bring about a change. 

Speaking on the campaign, ON Brand Ambassador and national cricketing champion, Rishabh Pant said:

“When I came on board with Optimum Nutrition ® , it was due to a shared philosophy on nutrition and fitness. Seeing this campaign which is a testament to the indomitable spirit of Indian sportswomen, that pushes them to do MORE, to go beyond their limits so that the world will have no other choice but to sit up and take notice, my belief in their ethos is cemented further. We need to make good nutrition inclusive and gender-neutral. Women athletes from across India have a long way to go here and I am really glad that ON has taken this first step to work closely with them.”

A campaign that is inspiring, eye-opening, and quite incredible – kudos!