Ola’s Take On Independence Day Last Year Had Social Media Buzzing For All The Right Reasons

Ola’s #MyIndependenceDay campaign last year is one of the most hard-hitting Independence Day campaigns that we have come across. It has a very simple message and fills your heart with positivity. While most brands took the predictable patriotic route in their campaigns, Ola presented something which was really unique and yet very relevant to each one of us. This approach by Ola changed the narrative and gave Independence a whole new meaning. The brand’s insight was that every person has had that one defining moment in their lives, when they have felt truly independent. It’s the day we break free from the things that hold us back, and that becomes their personal Independence Day. They used 15th August as an opportunity to talk more about this concept and also introduced us to Meghna Sahoo’s heart touching story.

It’s the simplicity of the storytelling that wins your heart. With absolutely no words being uttered, the message couldn’t have been more clear and crisp. Check it out:

Ola also extended their campaign to users on social media, and asked them to share their stories of independence. The campaign was buzzing on Twitter yesterday, and also saw celebrities like Sania Mirza, Atul Khatri and Vijender Singh share their stories of independence.

Overall, a crisply executed and well rounded campaign. Kudos!